If you thought the world of pro wrestling was wild, imagine what you
haven’t seen on TV and in the ring. Add to that the backdrop of building a
renegade production company, negotiating with  impossible wrestling
talent, and hosting groundbreaking, shoot-style programming, and you
have the story of Sean Oliver.

Sean has seen industry-wide accolades for the company he co-founded
and for which he serves as frontman. But there are also the threats,
stories of abuse, and moments of downright hilarity that you haven’t
known...until now.

Watch the unpredictable and unconventional story through Sean’s eyes.
"Kayfabe brings to life a world that once had its own version of ‘omerta’ in a fascinating, well-written book that will intrigue long time
fans, new fans, and just those who are hoping to take a peek behind the curtain of this unlikely cultural phenomenon."
- Eric Bischoff, WCW President
"Look, let me make this as simple as possible - for 25 years I worked in a business full of liars, cheaters, workers, con artists and of
course, politicians. I can name maybe 3 people over the years that I 100% trusted - or - even
believed for that matter. Sean Oliver is
one of those men. In reading
Kayfabe you can believe that 100% of this masterpiece is accurate - yes - even the parts about me. The
most stand-up guy perhaps ever associated with the business of professional wrestling. You want truth - you'll find it right here.
- Vince Russo, Former WWE/WCW Head Writer
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"Sean's story, beginning as a renegade, outlaw company and evolving to redefining the shoot video genre, is extremely fascinating.
Who knew that the man asking the questions was as fascinating as his subject matter?"
- Justin Barrasso, Sports Illustrated